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Forest Schools and Outdoor Learning

Loving All Our Neighbours

'This is the best kind of classroom,

It's a journey through time and space,

From the smallest seed to the largest tree,

This is a Forest and a learning place.

This is the best kind of classroom,

Where the seasons don't happen in books,

Where learning is watching and thinking and talking,

And everyone notices, everyone looks'.


From 'The Best Kind of Classroom' by Ian Macmillan



  • To provide opportunities for curriculum enrichment through hands-on learning outdoors.
  • To give children the opportunity to exercise and interact with the outdoor environment to encourage healthy living and confidence.
  • To instil in children a love and wonder of nature.



  • Planning and running outdoor sessions which support what is being learnt in the classroom and/or cover parts of the curriculum for that group.  Risk Assessing environment and activity.  Having suitable clothing to ensure outdoor learning can occur in all weathers.
  • To encourage exposure to managed risk.  To set challenge at a level where children can succeed.
  • To guide and encourage children in learning about nature around them.  To foster respect for their environment.  To look at seasonal changes.



  • Children will become more confident and able in the classroom across all subjects.
  • Children are happier to approach challenge.  Children choose to play outside more often and are healthier both physically and mentally as a result.
  • Children develop into advocates for environmental issues.  They are more knowledgeable and enthusiastic about nature.
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