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Music plays a powerful role in enriching all our lives. People of every culture are able to share ideas, thoughts and feelings through musical expression. Pupils at All Saints Academy are given the opportunity to enjoy listening to music and become familiar with a variety of musical instruments. Pupils are encouraged to use instruments to express and develop their own musical ideas, create movement in response to musical stimuli, as well as perform in front of audiences.

At All Saints Academy, our aims are to:

  • develop musical insight through experiences

  • develop the necessary skills and concepts to appreciate music through musical activity

  • provide an enjoyable and stimulating experience accessible to all children

  • develop skills and talent that encourage children to value themselves as well as others

  • develop an awareness of musical traditions and developments in a variety of cultures and societies

Music can be subdivided into two main overlapping areas of experience: firstly listening and appraisal and secondly, composing and performing:


Listening requires an individual commitment to focus attention on the music. This can evoke emotional, intellectual and physical responses. Music may also be used in the classroom to evoke a certain mood or feeling. Pupils are given opportunities during school assemblies and classroom activities to listen to music from:

  • a variety of forms, styles and traditions

  • different historical periods

  • a variety of cultures

Whenever possible listening and appraisal are linked to practical classroom work.


Composing offers immediate, first hand experience of exploring and organising sounds, and provides opportunities to express, interpret or communicate feelings, experiences and ideas. We have a growing range of instruments at school, and pupils have access to them all as they progress through the school.

Within music lessons, children are:

  • encouraged to develop their own ideas and musical pieces

  • introduced to non-traditional (eg graphic) forms of scoring as well as the stave and the positioning of notes on it, musical signs, symbols and terminology.


Singing is a natural activity and a fundamental part of the music experience at All Saints Academy. Our children love to sing, and our daily collective worship is a good chance to lift the roof! In addition, each class sings within their groups, in weekly music sessions with external tutors, and as part of 'sing up' sessions. Singing at school can be spontaneous or highly developed and involves individuals, small groups or the whole school. We offer pupils the opportunity to rehearse instruments and songs, and perform them in front of various audiences, in a number of venues, both within and outside school.

Technology is used in music to enhance pupils' learning experiences by using interactive, web-based music tools, for electronic composition and for recording performances to share music.

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