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Minutes from Parent Forum – Thursday 30th March 2017


  • Hot weather in the school.

    It was discussed that children should have named sun hats in school for hot weather. Water is available in all the class rooms and there is an outdoor water fountain. Some parents were concerned about EYFS class being outside in the very hot weather – discussed that children would not be out if extremely hot – plenty of shade – water available. Parents with older children said they were happy with the way the teaching staff dealt with hot weather when they were in EYFS class.

    It would be good to do some fundraising for additional shade such as a sail.


  • Governing Body. Mr Steeden updated the parents about the current situation regarding the Governing Body and informed them that in the interim the Governance Team at Demat would cover. The contact would be Paul Walker.


  • School lunches – parents asked if they would be allowed to come in and join the children for school lunches. The school is keen for this to go ahead – maybe in the summer term.


  • Reflective area – the school would love any help with the reflective area. It was suggested that a shopping list of items needed was made and sent out. The Village Pump magazine give surplus out to community projects so might be worth approaching. Carol Nicholas-Letch has connections to 2 carpenters if needed. Maybe ask the community for plants.


  • Spellings. A parent queried about the spellings. The spellings are sent out at the beginning of the year so the children should already have the list. Mr Steeden will investigate and make sure they are on the website.


  • PE shoes – The black plimsolls have been taken off the PE uniform list which leaves trainers for outdoor PE. The children will be barefoot for gymnastics or dance. They cannot get verrucas from the hall floor as it is dry. PE information will be added onto the topic maps.


  • Reading levels – some parents felt their children were not being pushed with their reading and when were they assessed for their level. Don’t feel they get any feedback.


Mr Steeden explained that the children are tested for reading and phonics each half term. The teachers report back in the consultation meetings but will also make additional appointments if necessary.

Parents were saying that the children sometimes pick the wrong colour banded book or a book they have already had. Can this be checked?

A discussion was held about the library. It seemed that children from Jupiter class were not using the library. Maybe a library education session would be useful.

  • Homework –

    Can instructions for the IXL be clearer for Jupiter class? Can the topic be named?

    Homework grid not received in paper for year 5

    Feedback/marking for work brought in – homework is difficult for teacher’s to mark as not sure of impact. Verbal feedback would be good.


  • Carol Nicholas Letch – With Easter being the topic in school, it has brought about discussions about death and heaven etc. If your child raises any issues about this and you are not sure how to answer them, please tell their teacher and Carol will visit the class and talk through any issues.

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