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9th February 2017

4 parents attended.

  • Jenelle Cleghorn  and Don Walker explained the role of Governors.

  • The role is strategic rather than involved in the day to day management of the school.

    There are three main functions: To ensure the clarity & vision of the school, to hold the Headteacher to account and to oversee financial accountability

  • The school aims, as detailed in the school development plan (please see this on the website), were discussed.

    It was asked if there were any plans for children in the two academies in the partnership to visit each other. Parents thought this would be a good idea for a number of reasons. Mrs Howe explained that this was hoped for but no immediate plans. Transport was discussed along with the concept of having a school minibus at some point in the future.

  • Homework was discussed. Now parents understand the grid better they like it more. Questions were raised about KS1 spellings sent home and Y3 reportedly repeating spellings. Mrs Howe suggested that the school hold another phonic/ spelling meeting for parents of children in KS1. She also suggested that parents take individual querries to class teachers and to come back to her if they still had concerns.

  • A discussion took place regarding how children change phonics groups (they are assessed and re grouped half termly) and about how progress in the curriculum is measured.

  • It was suggested that it would be an idea to send children’s targets home on a regular basis. Mrs Howe has done this in the past and will discuss with staff.

  • Parents requested that when somebody hears their child read that they write in their reading record. Feedback for topic homework is also valued and requested from all teachers. Mrs Howe to discuss with staff.

  • Parents requested a session being guided through the calculation policy so that they can help their children using the same methods used in school. Mrs Howe to arrange with the maths subject leader.

  • Mrs Howe thanked parents and Governors for attending and encouraged them not to wait until there is a parent forum but to approach class teachers and herself or Mr Steeden if and when concerns occur.

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