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The Church school community gathers daily for an act of Christian Collective Worship.

Collective Worship is an extremely important part of the school day at All Saints as we use this time to reflect, be still and to worship God. The Worship Group is a group of pupils who take a leading role in Collective Worship. We remember how Jesus welcomed children and used them as models of faith when speaking to his followers. (Luke chp 18 vss 15-17)

What does the Worship Group do? 

The Worship Group have many roles each day to ensure the smooth running of Collective Worship: 

  • preparing the room for worship and clearing up afterwards

  • operating the laptop, projector and the CD player

  • holding open doors, lighting candles, setting up the worship table 

  • being called up by adults to take part in a drama, lead actions to songs etc 


As well as this, the Worship Group also support in the planning, delivering and evaluating of Collective Worship. They write prayers linked to the current Christian value and use the resource 'Flippin Praise' to support with their planning. 


Our Worship Group also support the monitoring of Reflection Areas in school and are brilliant role-models as they promote our school values. 

The Worship Group is made up of 5 Yr 5 Pupils. They are proud to wear their badges around school and are the Pupil Voice for Collective Worship.

This is the document that the Worship Group use to evaluate Collective Worship.

'Hope' is our focus for Summer Term 1

Our pupils take pride in leading our Collective Worships weekly

Welcome to All Saints Academy.